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For midweek day games, the Boston Red Sox strongly encourage fans to take public transportation to Fenway Park.

In order to reduce traffic both before and after games, we recommend that you park in a lot or garage that corresponds to the route you take to Fenway.

For example, if you are driving in from the east of Fenway, please park to the east of Fenway. Refer to the map and charts below for parking suggestions and information.

Note: Meters on Beacon St. cost up to $22 starting at 6 p.m. on Red Sox game nights.

Parking fees range from hourly rates of $5 to game parking rates of $40+, depending on the location and capacity of the parking garage or lot.

The fine for parking a vehicle in the Fenway/Kenmore Residential Parking District during Fenway Park Events, unless said vehicle displays in the rear window a valid and current sticker as issued by the Transportation Department for the Fenway/Kenmore Residential District, shall be one hundred dollars and no cents ($100.00) for each such violation.

  • Map of garages near Fenway Park

    The map below shows some of the parking lots and garages within walking distance to Fenway Park.

    How to find a parking lot near Fenway Park
    Route Color of Lot on Map
    West Blue
    South Green
    Storrow Drive to Boylston St Purple
    East Red
    • Parking Map
  • Parking lots near Fenway Park


    The Official Parking Lots of the Boston Red Sox:

    Lot Address Price Spaces
    100 Clarendon Garage 100 Clarendon Street Online pre-pay or day of game (with ticket): $10
    Rates above only available for evening and weekend games. Weekday afternoon games excluded.
    Prudential Center (#33) Entrances at 85 Exeter St,
    81 Huntington Ave,
    111 Huntington Ave,
    116 Belvidere St,
    48 Dalton St,
    Ring Rd.
    Rates above only available for evening and weekend games. Weekday afternoon games excluded.


    If approaching from: The EAST via Beacon St, Commonwealth Avenue, Mass Ave, or Newbury St

    Lot # Lot Address Price Spaces
    28 Fenway Garage 189 Ipswich St $50 94
    29 Ipswich Garage 160-170 Ipswich St $45 150
    30 Stanhope Garage Lot next to Sovereign Bank Newbury St and Brookline Ave $45 42
    31 Commonwealth Hotel 500 Commonwealth Ave n/a 132
    32 Somerset Garage 425 Newbury St $25 500


    If approaching from: The WEST via Commonwealth Avenue, Beacon St, or Park Dr.

    Lot # Lot Address Price Spaces
    1 Boston University Warren Towers 700 Commonwealth Ave $30 115
    2 Boston University Deerfield and Kenmore Lots Intersection of Deerfield St and Commonwealth Ave $40 130
    3 Public Parking 655 Beacon St n/a 60
    4 Kenmore Lot 73 Brookline Ave $50 250
    5 Beacon Street/Maitland Parking Maitland St, off of Beacon St $40 249
    6 Brookline Lot 73 Brookline Ave $50 500


    If approaching from: the SOUTH

    Lot # Lot Address Price Spaces
    7 Landmark 401 Park Dr and 201 Brookline Ave $40 400
    8 Gulf 1420 Boylston St $50 40
    9 Fenway Triangle Trilogy 180 Brookline Ave $50 200
    12 Deaconess Garage 65 Kilmarnock St $50 50
    13 120 Brookline Ave 120 Brookline Ave $40 100
    14 105 Van Ness Lot 105 Van Ness St $35 25
    35 Museum of Fine Arts 20 Museum Road Before 5:30 p.m.: $24
    After 5:30 p.m.: $17


    If approaching from: Storrow Drive, exiting onto Charlesgate West and continuing over the bridge to Boylston St

    Lot # Lot Address Price Spaces
    15 Shell Lot 1240 Boylston St $60 78
    16 Swan Lot 189-203 Ipswich St $55 140
    17 Verb Hotel 1271 Boylston St $50 80
    18 Rite Aid 1295 Boylston St $50 42
    19 Van Ness/Yawkey Way Lot 55 Yawkey Way $50 150
    20 Tasty Burger 1301 Boylston St $55 41
    24 1330 Boylston Street Garage 1330 Boylston St $55 50
    25 1282 Boylston Lot 1282 Boylston St $35 175
    26 Sunoco 1250 Boylston St $50 60

    Prices subject to change without notice.