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Group Leader Benefits

The Cubs value the hard work group leaders put in each year to organize their outings at Wrigley Field. To show our appreciation, the Chicago Cubs will be offering a wide-array of group leader benefits throughout the 2015 season. Please see the chart below to see what benefits your group will qualify for this year! Certain restrictions apply. See complete details below.
Custom Wrigley Field Marquee Photo (100-199 tickets)
With the purchase of 100 or more full-priced group tickets, the Cubs will provide a photo of your group’s name in lights as it scrolls across the iconic Wrigley Field marquee! This photo will be mailed to the address provided after your select game date. Wrigley Field Marquee message will not be viewable in-person on your game date.
Postgame On-Field Photo (200-299 tickets)
Cap off a perfect group outing at the ballpark by taking a postgame, on-field photo with up to four total guests. A minimum of 200 full-priced tickets must be purchased to qualify for this rare opportunity. (Weather permitting).
Scoreboard Welcome Message (300-399 tickets)
Create a lasting memory at your next Cubs game with a personalized, custom message on Wrigley Field's landmark center field scoreboard with the purchase of 300 full-priced group tickets. Messages are displayed for 3-5 seconds in the middle of the 5th inning.
Pregame Batting Practice Viewing (400-499 tickets)
With a minimum purchase of 400 full-priced group tickets, four total guests have the opportunity to view batting practice from the field prior to the first pitch! Due to the pregame schedule, only the visitor team batting practice will be available for on-field viewing. If batting practice is not taken on your game date, four total guests will be upgraded to the pregame on-deck circle photo experience. (Weather permitting).
Pregame On-Deck Circle Photo (500-599 tickets)
Four members of a full-priced group of 500 or more have the rare opportunity to pose for an on-field photo near the Chicago Cubs on-deck circle prior to the game! The Wrigley Field scoreboard, bricks, and ivy will serve as a backdrop for this memorable experience. (Weather permitting).
Pregame Lineup Card Delivery (600-699 tickets)
Deliver the official lineup card prior to the start of the game! One guest from your group will have the opportunity to take part in this exclusive opportunity with a full-priced group purchase of 600 tickets. (Weather permitting).
Pregame “Play Ball” Announcement (700-799 tickets)
Start the game off right by letting thousands of Cubs fans know that its time to “Play Ball”! A minimum of 700 full-priced group tickets must be purchased to qualify for this experience.
Ceremonial First Pitch (800+ tickets)
See your name on the iconic Wrigley Field scoreboard, hear your name announced over the public address system, and toss a strike in front on thousands of loyal Cubs fans! A minimum of 800 full-priced group tickets must be purchased to qualify for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. (Weather permitting).
2013 Cubs Group Tickets go on sale January 11, 2013
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