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by HOK Sports
  • The model took 1,500 hours to complete. That's the equivalent of watching a little more than three seasons of Royals games.
  • The model weighs 150 pounds. That equals about 75 professional-size wooden bats.
  • The model is 36 inches by 52 inches, and was created at a 1/32 scale (1/32 of an inch equals one foot). At that size, it would take more than 684 million models to cover the city limits of Kansas City.
  • The model includes 471 trees (all of which will be planted on site), 45 cars and 150 bollards.
  • While there are no people in the model, two monkeys roam the grounds – one in the outfield carousel and one on the escalator.
  • All the flag poles, umbrellas and the seating bowl were hand made. Other parts were made using a CO2 laser cutter and a 3D milling machine.
  • In what will be the largest scoreboard in North America, the crown scoreboard will be 105 feet tall by 84 feet wide. The model's scoreboard comes in at a whopping 3.2 inches by 2.6 inches. You could fit 77 model scoreboards into a thirty-two-inch plasma TV. In the real scoreboard, you could fit 1,984 thirty-two-inch plasma TVs.
  • The model was created using plastic, acrylic, polyester foam resin, urethane, acid-etched brass, stainless steel mesh, styrene plastic, brass rods, paper and a gel medium. 1,000 yards of masking tape, 20 ounces of paint and 50 square inches of stainless steel mesh were used in the process.
  • The chemical used to glue the model parts together (methylene chloride) is the same chemical used to decaffeinate coffee.
  • The outfield water fountains were created using a gel medium mixed with white paint.
  • The grass pattern on the field was airbrushed.
  • The model's outfield plaza features hand-carved statues of Frank White, George Brett, Ewing and Muriel Kauffman and space for future statues.
  • This is the 52nd presentation model created by HOK Sport's model shop.