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Royals Wives Food Drive
May 25, 2007 • Kauffman Stadium

Food Drive Brooke Buck isn't belting homers or calling pitches. She'll gladly leave that up to her husband, John, who has manned the plate for the Royals since 2004.

No, you won't find Brooke on the field, but rather suiting up for a different role with the organization, playing her part as a Royals wife and helping chair one of Royals Charities' biggest annual events: the Royals Wives Food Drive.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Royals Wives Food Drive collected 1,936 pounds of canned food prior to the Royals game on Friday, May 25, which converted into 1,489 meals for Harvesters -- the Community Food Network.

Brooke, who has helped organize the food drive since 2005, was joined by Julie Gobble, the wife of Royals pitcher Jimmy Gobble, and Shara Sweeney, the wife of five-time Royals All-Star Mike Sweeney, as chairs of this year's event. Since 1983 when former Royals pitcher, the late Dan Quisenberry and his wife, Janie Quisenberry Stone, held the first Royals Wives Food Drive, the event has become one of the largest food drives in the Major Leagues and a cherished Royals tradition.

"It's a Royals tradition that the Royals Wives are happy to be a part of," Brooke said, citing that the 2007 drive had the best Royals Wives participation in the drive's history -- at least 13 players' wives, fianc├ęs and girlfriends lending a hand. "And, this year, we made it bigger and better than ever since because of the 25th anniversary."

Food Drive In order to ensure an evener greater return from the event, this year's Royals Wives also decided to organize a silent auction on Thursday, May 24, before the Royals faced the Cleveland Indians. They also organized a two-game raffle, where fans could purchase raffle tickets starting at $5 for one ticket, $10 for three tickets or $20 for eight tickets, all for a chance to win specific autographed items.

The decision to hold the two extra fundraisers proved to be a wise one as the auction and raffle combined to raise $10,505. For Harvesters, that amount equates to 52,525 meals - five meals for every $1 donation received.

"The silent auction is something we organized to set this year's food drive apart from past drives," Brooke added "and we were hoping it would be a big success for Harvesters."

The auction featured several pieces of one-of-a-kind memorabilia that John Buck and several others helped collect earlier this season. There were autographed balls from players all over the Major Leagues and game-used bats and jerseys from the Royals. The food drive collected "kid-friendly" non-perishable food items such as peanut butter, canned soups, pastas, fruits, vegetables and more. Harvesters, Kansas City's only food bank, has been working to eliminate hunger in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 1979, and is one of the city's most vital resources.

"Harvesters does so much good for our community," Brooke said. "As part of the Royals, we are also happy to do something at Kauffman Stadium that contributes to Harvesters' cause."

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