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810 Royals Rookies of the Week Program

Nominate your Rookies of the Week

This time it was a group from TLC -- Temporary Lodging for Children -- but next time it could be that ladies church group you know always bakes the pies for every church bazaar. Or, that Little League team that always stays after the game to pick up litter around the field. Or, maybe that group of volunteers at the local soup kitchen who always manage to have smiles on their faces as they serve others.

On Friday, May 25, the Royals and Sports Radio 810 WHB hosted the first recipients of the 810 Royals Rookies of the Week program. Locally based TLC, who provides opportunities that encourage positive growth and change for children, youth and families while ensuring a safe environment, received the honors with 40 members and participants in the organization getting treated to a night at Kauffman Stadium.

The 810 Royals Rookies of the Week program, which will strive to put groups of deserving fans in the stands, builds off the partnership that the Royals and 810 WHB already have on the airwaves. For each of the Friday home games this season, the Royals and 810 WHB - the flagship and Kansas City-area affiliate for all Royals games - will honor a locally-based group by naming them the 810 Royals Rookies of the Week. Members of the winning group will receive tickets to the Royals home game, refreshment vouchers and a T-shirt. They will be featured earlier that day by the Royals on Sports Radio 810 WHB's "The Program with Soren Petro," which airs each weekday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Royals and 810 WHB are encouraging fans to nominate these organizations, charity groups or sports teams that they feel deserve a little recognition and a special night out at Kauffman Stadium with the Kansas City Royals. Fans can find the nomination form for the 810 Royals Rookies of Week program by logging on to

The Royals have several Friday night home games remaining this season. Do you know a group that deserves a night at The K as the 810 Royals Rookies of the Week?