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morgan morgan
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Getting to Know morgan
  • Name: morgan
  • Hometown: Liberty, MO
  • Favorite thing about KCrew: All the new friends I have made and the impact we have on the Royals fans experience!
  • Intro song: 'Turn Down for What?!'
  • Favorite thing in KC to do: Going to the plaza and enjoying the fabulous restaurants.
  • Favorite BBQ place: I don't care for BBQ...go ahead freak out that I'm not a true Kansas City girl.
  • Favorite season: Baseball season (spring, summer and fall) best seasons ever!
  • Favorite guilty pleasure: Starbucks Chia Tea Lattes
  • Favorite phone app: Twitter
  • Favorite quote: "There's nowhere you can be that is where you're meant to be." - The Beatles
  • Want to meet: Ellen DeGeneres
  • Superpower: To be able to read peoples minds.
  • Best advice given to me: If it isn't making you happy anymore walk away from it.
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