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Vote YES on County Question 1!

County Question 1 is about preserving, improving upon and creating new metropolitan cultural assets and activities. It is a small investment of one quarter cent on retail sales that we would all pay over the next 12 to 15 years, specifically to modernize our Truman Sports Complex and to continue the journey of providing world-class arts programs to all citizens in communities throughout the metropolitan area.

Fifty percent of the revenue from this cultural tax, approximately $360 million, will be used exclusively to rennovate and expand Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums at the Sports Complex. The stadiums are publicly owned and like any other facilities that are 32 years old, major improvements to plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems are needed.The concourses must be expanded to meet today’s needs; restrooms and concession stands need to be added.

Some cities, like St. Louis, are tearing down their old stadiums and building new ones, but our conservative approach is more economical, yet still effective in bringing the facilities up to date. This will ensure that our teams stay here and as a result, that our city remains competitive.

The economic impact of organized sports in our community is tremendous. It generates well over $300 million every year, supporting more than 4,000 jobs in communities throughout the metropolitan area. But the stadiums mean more to our city.

They are venues for other events as well. In fact, the biggest event in our city’s history happened in early October when the Billy Graham Crusade came to Arrowhead Stadium. Well over 150,000 people attended this four-day crusade.

As part of this modernization of the sports complex, our tenants, the Chiefs and Royals, will contribute an additional $65 million to the project, specifically to improve the corporate suites in each stadium. They will also pay all construction cost overruns, should there be any, and extend their leases in Kansas City to 2030.

Please get involved in the campaign to pass Question 1! There are many volunteer activities in which to get involved. Contact the Think BIG headquarters at 913.648.4300 or visit the campaign Web site at

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