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50/50 Raffle

Play every home game to win big for charity! The Royals Charities 50/50 Raffle presented by Edelman & Thompson is an in-stadium fundraiser in which one lucky fan can win big at every home game in 2017!

In 2016, Royals Charities raised $750,000 from the proceeds of the 50/50 Raffle to support charities that focus on children, education, youth baseball/softball and the military across the Kansas City area. For more information on how your organization can benefit from the 50/50 Raffle, please visit

The Game Plan

  • 50/50 Raffle tickets will be sold from the time stadium gates open until the last out of the sixth inning
  • If a game does not start on time or is delayed during the first two innings, raffle tickets will be sold for at least three hours from the time stadium gates open.
  • Tickets will be on sale throughout the concourse and seating areas, at the Royals Charities Headquarters, in the Outfield Experience area and at the View Level 50/50 Raffle station.
  • Tickets are sold at 1 for $2, 3 for $5, 10 for $10, and 40 for $20.
  • One winning ticket will be selected each game unless otherwise advertised.
  • The winner will win 50 percent of the net proceeds collected that game through the sale of raffle tickets.
  • The remaining proceeds will be donated to Royals Charities.
  • The winning ticket will be announced during the middle or end of the seventh inning on CrownVision, posted at Royals Charities Headquarters on the main concourse next to the Majestic Team Store, and posted at the 50/50 Raffle station on the View Level concourse.
  • The winner will be mailed a check within thirty days after claiming his/her prize.
  • The winning ticket should be presented at Royals Charities Headquarters next to the Majestic Team Store on the main concourse. If the headquarters is closed, please send an email to within 30 days from the raffle date to claim your prize.
  • Royals Charities Headquarters hours: Stadium gates open though top of the ninth inning

2017 50/50 Raffle Results

Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Total Raised
April 10
vs. Athletics
A121640 $29,883 $59,766
April 12
vs. Athletics
B279940 $7,051 $14,102
April 13
vs. Athletics
C149727 $6,565 $13,130
April 14
vs. Angels
D101327 $8,051 $16,101
April 15
vs. Angels
E209394 $8,877 $17,753
April 16
vs. Angels
F118866 $9,181 $18,362
April 18
vs. Giants
G187947 $12,072 $24,144
April 19
vs. Giants
H189649 $7,405 $14,810
April 28
vs. Twins
I194727 $7,522 $15,044
April 30
vs. Twins
J184289 $4,951 $9,902
May 1
vs. White Sox
K171898 $3,531 $7,061
May 2
vs. White Sox
L150911 $5,142 $10,284
May 3
vs. White Sox
M137942 $3,491 $6,982
May 4
vs. White Sox
N156318 $6,300 $12,599
May 5
vs. Indians
O111638 $8,188 $16,376
May 6
vs. Indians
P124282 $8,606 $17,212
May 7
vs. Indians
Q148855 $9,647 $19,294
May 12
vs. Orioles
R143486 $6,532 $13,063
May 13
vs. Orioles
S254954 $10,960 $21,920
May 14
vs. Orioles
T148915 $14,500 $29,000
May 16
vs. Yankees
U193540 $9,163 $18,325
May 17
vs. Yankees
V272824 $6,230 $12,460
May 18
vs. Yankees
W271092 $6,570 $13,139
May 29
vs. Tigers
X334791 $11,390 $22,779
May 30
vs. Tigers
Y238166 $5,042 $10,083
May 31
vs. Tigers
Z177109 $5,736 $11,472
June 2
vs. Indians
A203286 $7,136 $14,272
June 3
vs. Indians
B117600 $9,938 $19,875
June 4
vs. Indians
C212140 $6,963 $13,925
June 5
vs. Astros
D102929 $4,685 $9,369
June 6
vs. Astros
E287133 $5,229 $10,458
June 7
vs. Astros
F369094 $9,016 $18,031
June 8
vs. Astros
G176869 $6,340 $12,679
June 19
vs. Red Sox
H155649 $8,366 $16,732
June 20
vs. Red Sox
I295975 $10,291 $20,581
June 21
vs. Red Sox
J236206 $6,862 $13,724

Join the 50/50 Raffle Team!

Royals Charities, the charitable and nonprofit foundation of the Kansas City Royals, is looking for dependable, enthusiastic, highly-motivated and hard-working individuals to sell 50/50 Raffle tickets during Royals home games.

The 50/50 Raffle presented by Edelman & Thompson is a charity raffle program whereby tickets are sold throughout the ballpark during every Royals home game. One lucky fan takes home half of the net proceeds from each home game's raffle ticket sales, with the other half benefiting Royals Charities.

Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older by start date of employment.
  • Have excellent cash handling and customer service skills.
  • Be comfortable with technology.
  • Be comfortable approaching people and selling in front of crowds.
  • Be available to work weekends and some holidays.
  • Be comfortable working in inclement weather (Kauffman Stadium is an outdoor ballpark).
  • And understand the timing/pacing of baseball.

Program details:

  • Sellers start at $10/hour and work approximately 3-4 hours per game.
  • 81 home games: 70 percent night games/30 percent day games.
  • Position is part-time and seasonal (April-October/November).
  • Shirts and vendor aprons provided.

If interested in the position, please send your resume to

Raffle Rules

  • Participants must be 18 years or older to purchase a 50/50 Raffle ticket.
  • Unauthorized persons copying, selling, or altering tickets are subject to prosecution.
  • The cash prize will be paid to the winner by check within 30 days of the date the prize is claimed (federal tax withholding may apply).
  • The designated 50/50 Raffle ticket is the only valid receipt for claiming a prize.
  • Prizes will be held and may be claimed up to 30 days after the date of the raffle.
  • Complete Official Rules »

For a list of winners send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: "Royals Charities 50/50 Raffle" Winners, One Royal Way, Kansas City, MO 64129. Requests must be received within thirty (30) days after each raffle.