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Dream Factory Day at The K

Dream Factory

Dream Factory Day at The K is an annual event held for the volunteers and Dream children and their immediate families. The Dream Factory and the Royals are offering additional discounted tickets so that our other friends and family can join us for this special day at The K and to watch our beloved Royals play ball. Even with the discounted price the Dream Factory will receive a portion of the proceeds to help make more dreams come true throughout the year. We invite you to come out the park and enjoy the day with us and help to make dreams come true and children smile.

Dream Factory Day Pricing

Dream Factory Day Pricing
Section Your Price
Field Plaza $22.00
Hy-Vee Infield $16.00

For questions or orders of 20 or more please contact Adam Cain at (816) 504-4176 or

The Royals dynamically price all games throughout the regular season and pre-discounted prices will vary based on numerous market factors. For more information on Dynamic Pricing, please visit our FAQ page.