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Ticket Recall Guide

Step-By-Step Ticket Recall Guide

New feature! Recall tickets that you have previously forwarded!

Now you can Recall previously forwarded tickets meaning you can pull tickets back in to your account to resell, forward to a different friend, or print to enter the game! To Recall a ticket:

  1. Click the "My History" tab, choose "Forwards" and click the "Forward ID" that contains the ticket(s) you want to recall. Ticket Recall: Step #1
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the tickets you wish to recall and click "Recall Tickets". Ticket Recall: Step #3
  3. Click "Recall Tickets". Ticket Recall: Step #2
  4. Enter a message to your friend, and click "Recall Tickets" to complete the Recall. You will now have access to take actions on this recalled ticket in your "My Ticket Inventory" tab. Ticket Recall: Step #4
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