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David LeMahieu (Photo: Louisiana State University)

Biographical Data
Player Name:David LeMahieu
School:Louisiana State University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Sophomore
Weight:193 lbs.
Report Date(s):4/3-4/5/09

Focus Area
Hitting ability: LeMahieu has a solid approach up the middle and uses the big part of the field well with a line-drive stroke.
Power:He might have average power, a touch better, but he's better gap-to-gap.
Running speed:An average runner once underway; he might slow down as he gets bigger and matures.
Base running:Has good instincts on the bases.
Arm strength:His arm is solid average in the infield.
Fielding:Hands work well, but he may not be able to stay at shortstop.
Range:His range is a little short for his position. He lacks first-step quickness
Physical Description:LeMahieu is a tall infielder with wiry strength.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Good baseball instincts, solid hitting approach.
Weaknesses:Lacks the quickness and range to play shortstop, but doesn't have the pure raw power you'd like to see from a third baseman.
Summary:As a shortstop from a major college program, LeMahieu is going to get plenty of looks. Like most LSU products, he plays the game the right way and makes the most of his average tools. He's got a solid approach at the plate, but doesn't have a ton of raw power. That wouldn't matter, except for the fact he might have to move to third as he matures. Still, as a real "baseball player" who's excelled in a major program, he's bound to be drafted well.