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Hot Stove Report Hot Stove Tracker
 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
251.    Restovich, Michael  OF  WSH  ---  ---  Minor league free agent
252.    Reyes, Al  RP  TB  TB  11/13/07  Club option exercised
253.    Riske, David  RP  KC  MIL  12/07/07  Three years with a club option for 2011
254.    Rivas, Luis  IF  CLE  PIT  12/11/07  Minor league contract
255.    Rivera, Mariano  RP  NYY  NYY  12/13/07  Three-year contract
256.    Roberts, Ryan  3B  TOR  TEX  11/21/07  Minor league contract
257.    Rodriguez, Alex  3B  NYY  NYY  12/13/07  10-year contract
258.    Rodriguez, Ivan  C  DET  DET  10/09/07  Club option exercised
259.    Rogers, Kenny  SP  DET  DET  12/12/07  One-year contract
260.    Rolen, Scott  3B  STL  TOR  1/14/08  Traded for Troy Glaus
261.    Romero, J.C.  RP  PHI  PHI  12/12/07  Three years with a club option for 2011
262.    Rowand, Aaron  OF  PHI  SF  12/14/07  Five-year contract
263.    Saarloos, Kirk  RP  CIN  OAK  1/15/08  Minor league contract
264.    Saenz, Olmedo  1B  LAD  NYM  2/12/08  Spring training invitee - spent 2008 on restricted list
265.    Sanches, Brian  RP  PHI  WSH  12/21/07  Minor league contract
266.    Sanders, Reggie  OF  KC  ---  ---  ---
267.    Santana, Johan  P  MIN  NYM  1/29/08  Acquired for Carlos Gomez and three minor league pitchers
268.    Schilling, Curt  SP  BOS  BOS  11/06/07  One-year contract
269.    Schneider, Brian  C  WSH  NYM  11/30/07  Traded with Ryan Church for Lastings Milledge
270.    Scott, Luke  OF  HOU  BAL  12/12/07  Traded with Matt Albers, Mike Costanzo, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate for Miguel Tejada
271.    Scutaro, Marco  IF  OAK  TOR  11/17/07  Traded for Graham Godfrey and Kristian Bell
272.    Sele, Aaron  RP  NYM  ---  ---  ---
273.    Seo, Jae Weong  SP  TB  ---  12/11/07  Signed with Korean Baseball League
274.    Sherrill, George  RP  SEA  BAL  2/08/08  Traded with Adam Jones, Kam Mickolio, Chris Tillman and Tony Butler for Erik Bedard
275.    Shuey, Paul  RP  BAL  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
276.    Silva, Carlos  SP  MIN  SEA  12/20/07  Four years with a mutual option for 2012
277.    Simontacchi, Jason  SP  WSH  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
278.    Sosa, Sammy  OF  TEX  ---  ---  ---
279.    Spurling, Chris  RP  MIL  MIL  2/28/08  Minor league contract - Released during spring training
280.    Stairs, Matt  OF  TOR  TOR  11/02/07  Two-year contract
281.    Stewart, Chris  C  TEX  NYY  4/03/08  Minor league contract
282.    Stewart, Shannon  OF  OAK  TOR  2/25/08  Minor league contract
283.    Stinnett, Kelly  C  STL  ---  ---  ---
284.    Stokes, Brian  RP  TB  NYM  11/28/07  Traded for cash
285.    Stone, Ricky  RP  CIN  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
286.    Sweeney, Mark  1B  LAD  LAD  2/13/08  One-year contract
287.    Sweeney, Mike  1B  KC  OAK  2/15/08  Minor league contract
288.    Sweeney, Ryan  OF  CWS  OAK  1/03/08  Traded with Fautino De Los Santos and Gio Gonzalez for Nick Swisher
289.    Swisher, Nick  OF  OAK  CWS  1/03/08  Traded for Fautino De Los Santos, Gio Gonzalez and Ryan Sweeney
290.    Taguchi, So  OF  STL  PHI  1/07/08  One year with a club option for 2009
291.    Tavarez, Julian  RP  BOS  BOS  11/02/07  Club option exercised
292.    Tejada, Miguel  SS  BAL  HOU  12/12/07  Traded for Matt Albers, Mike Costanzo, Troy Patton, Dennis Sarfate and Luke Scott
293.    Thomson, John  SP  KC  ---  ---  ---
294.    Timlin, Mike  RP  BOS  BOS  12/07/07  One-year contract
295.    Torrealba, Yorvit  C  COL  COL  11/29/07  Two years with a club option for 2010
296.    Torres, Salomon  RP  PIT  MIL  12/07/07  Traded for Marino Salas and Kevin Roberts
297.    Traber, Billy  RP  WSH  NYY  1/04/08  Minor league contract
298.    Trachsel, Steve  SP  CHC  BAL  2/11/08  Spring Training invitee
299.    Tsao, Chin-hui  RP  LAD  KC  12/31/07  Spring Training invitee
300.    Tyner, Jason  OF  MIN  CLE  2/21/08  Minor league contract
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