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09/04/07 4:40 PM ET

Moore kicks off Royals Relay chat series

General manager fields fans' questions online

Royals senior vice president and general manager Dayton Moore was the first guest in the Royals Relay chat series. He chatted online Tuesday about the improvements the club is making on and off the field, the managerial search and potential offseason areas of improvement.

Dayton Moore: Welcome Royals fans. I'm excited to be the first guest on Royals Relay today. Let's begin.

baseballstud114782: Hey Dayton! I would just like to congratulate you on a decent year where things are clearly moving up, but I am curious if you are going to be looking to add a little more power to the lineup next year?

Moore: In our current evaluation of our Major League team, it is obvious that power is something that we lack and we'll do everything in our power, through either free agency or trades, to improve our power production. That being said, we fully expect our young players' power production to improve as they gain more valuable experience in the Major Leagues.

RoyalElite: What would your advice be for someone trying to get a job on the baseball operations side of the game and for the Royals in particular?

Moore: Stay persistent. Try to involve yourself in whatever aspect of the game you desire. Seek the leadership of individuals who have experience in the game and ask a lot of questions.

BBROYAL: Dayton, do you foresee David Riske and Ross Gload being part of the team for next year?

Moore: David Riske has an option to return. David has been an important part of our bullpen. We have Ross under control until the 2009 season. Like David, he has been a very important part of our team. We like his versatility and style of play.

110665: What is your personal long-term committment to the Royals organization and the younger players in the lineup today? I think you are doing a great job.

Moore: We want this organization to be viewed the way 14-straight championships occurred in Atlanta. We want to build something special here. We'd like to restore the great tradition that we have had here in the past.

RoyalElite: Does the Royals front office view Tony Pena Jr. as a long-term option at shortstop in KC?

Moore: We view all of our players as long-term solutions until they prove us otherwise. We expect them all to do well and we expect them all to continue to get better.

KCFaninSEA: Could you project next year's rotation for us, if the season were starting tomorrow?

Moore: Gil Meche, Brian Bannister, Kyle Davies, Luke Hudson, Leo Nunez, Billy Buckner, Luke Hochevar, Tyler Lumsden and Joakim Soria are all guys that we would view internally as competition for the starting five rotation. Certainly, there may be other opportunities out there for other candidates.

meinfarr: Thanks so much for Joining the Royals organization and starting the task of bringing respectability back to KC baseball. Can you tell Royals fans what your priorities are for this offseason?

Moore: We want to continue to improve our pitching and add a bat or two.

RoyalElite: Who were your mentors when you were first breaking into the game?

Moore: Roy Clark, Paul Snyder, John Schuerholz.

110665: Are there any players in the Minors right now who might give us a serious home run threat?

Moore: We have some quality young players, Mitch Maier for one. We are looking forward to seeing what Justin Huber can do up here in September. A true power threat is probably going to be someone who we are going to have to trade for or sign as a Major League free agent. Power hitters are as difficult to sign as top-of-the-rotation pitchers.

GordonBOPS: Can we expect to see Hochevar start any games in the last month of the season?

Moore: At this time we are going to insert him in our bullpen. Buddy Bell will look to put him in situations where he can start an inning fresh.

GordonBOPS: Mike Sweeney has said he'll play for close to the Major League minimum. Is there a chance he will be back with the team and in what capacity?

Moore: We're going to evaluate every opportunity that we have to improve our team. We expect Mike Sweeney to be a part of that evaluation.

TobyR: Thanks for chatting with us. Will the Royals have any interest in Torii Hunter?

Moore: I cannot comment publicly on players that play for another organization. We'll evaluate every free agent.

lemmkc: How have you improved your Latin America scouting department?

Moore: Rene Francisco has overseen our Latin American programs. He has a great track record for signing talent. I have complete confidence that we will develop a strong program in Latin America.

Rich142007: What do you think our catchers' situation will be next year? Will we be seeking another catcher or are you happy with John Buck's development?

Moore: We expect Buck to continue to improve. We are very happy with his power production and his work behind the plate.

canes2299: With Buddy Bell stepping down at the end of the year, who are you looking at to replace him as manager? I would like to see Joe Girardi, because he is young and I think the Royals would be a great fit for him.

Moore: We are excited about the possibility of a great hire and we are currently evaluating the best possible managers for the Royals. Once we are able to complete the process, we feel confident that we'll be able to hire a great manager that we'll all be proud of.

stlroyal: Dayton, I think you and your staff have done a great job so far! Who is one young player we should watch for in the system next year.

Moore: I'm always hesitant to create expectations on young players as we all witnessed with Alex Gordon's tough transition. Our Wilmington team has had a remarkable second half. There are some young pitchers on that team that could help us make a huge step forward.

RoyalElite_2: What is your assessment of Rowdy Hardy?

Moore: Rowdy has had a tremendous season. He has a great feel for pitching and he is a winner. We look forward to him meeting the challenges of Double-A Arkansas.

Thanatos: What do you feel has been the best trade made by the Royals this season?

Moore: Brian Bannister has been the trade that gets most of the national headlines. Ross Gload has helped us a great deal. Pena has helped us. Joey Gathright has given us an element that we don't have. Kyle Davies has provided us with depth to our starting rotation.

sayheyjake: How does the Royals budget for international scouting compare to other teams with similar payrolls?

Moore: I'm not sure how it compares to other organizations but we feel very comfortable with the resources we have to be successful.

110665: Are the Royals aware of the renewed fan interest that is taking place? I am from Nebraska and we had kind of given up. It is now evident that the team is much improved over prior years.

Moore: We are grateful for the interest and the passion of our fans. We have felt renewed interest from our fan base. I look forward to where we have 20,000 to 40,000 fans out here every night. With the improved play on the field in combination with the stadium renovations which, in my opinion, will make Kauffman Stadium the most beautiful stadium in all of baseball, I believe that this will be a destination place for fans throughout the Midwest.

kyleE: With upcoming renovations to the stadium, what can we expect to see for next season?

Moore: We will have one of the largest and best scoreboards in the nation. There will be a constant state of change in the area behind the water spectacular and fans will have the opportunity to see the improvements as they are being made.

cmkeller71: Did your mentor John Schuerholz influence you in one way or another to take the job in Kansas City?

Moore: No. We made a decision to come to Kansas City based on the opportunity to do something special. At the time this was the greatest challenge in all of sports. We looked at it as an opportunity to build something great.

GordonBOPS: Is the Royals' lack of home run power a product of the park, or a product of a young team with developing power?

Moore: A young team with developing power. The ballpark actually assists in your ability to develop power hitters because our hitters realize they need to hit first and keep their approach to the middle of the field. Ultimately, this approach develops power hitters.

kyleE: With our owner seeming to be more willing to let you spend money on free agents, how much can we afford to spend on free agent pitching and power over the offseason (keeping in mind we still have to have money for arbitration)?

Moore: It is a responsibility of every general manager in baseball to effectively communicate a sound plan for improving your baseball team. If we communicate our plan effectively, there is no doubt in my mind that David Glass will support the plan. That being said, currently our market does have some limitations with regard to revenue and in increasing our revenue; it is related to our attendance. As I've said all along, we have great support from ownership.

sayheyjake: Was Zack Greinke's absence from the list of potential 2008 starters intentional?

Moore: Zack will certainly be given every opportunity to be in our rotation in 2008. That was just an oversight.

Moore: I want to thank everyone for their interest in the Royals and all of your questions. I hope to do this again sometime soon.

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