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04/13/08 12:40 PM ET

Bruises not slowing Meche, Tomko

Pitchers not expected to miss starts after getting struck

KANSAS CITY -- When Gil Meche and Brett Tomko start on Wednesday and Thursday against the Angels, their left legs will be sorer than their right arms.

In back-to-back games against the Twins, Meche was struck on Friday in the left hamstring by a Brendan Harris liner, and on Saturday a Justin Morneau smash found Tomko's left calf.

So who has the biggest bruise?

"Me for sure, no doubt," Meche said on Sunday. "The whole back of my leg is ugly. It's blue, red and purple. It's a good war wound. Do you know why Brett got hit? I was leaning over showing the trainer [on Saturday] and he comes up and poked it, just jammed his finger. Then he goes out and gets hit. It's karma."

Meche said the way he falls off the mound in his delivery makes him susceptible to being struck by a batted ball.

"I've been hit a lot on the mound, but that was the worst," Meche said. "I wanted to scream. I walked off the mound with my head down. I actually was screaming a little bit. It was just excruciating pain."

Meche said the ball off Tomko's leg hit the ground first.

"It still hurt him," Meche said.

Both pitchers did not sit down in the dugout after being struck.

"If I would have sat, it would have tightened," Meche said and he might not have been able to last three more innings.

Neither pitcher is expected to miss a start. Meche threw on the side on Sunday. Meche is 0-2 with a 7.13 ERA in three starts, while Tomko is 1-1 with a 2.08 ERA in three games, two of them starts.

"We've got a ball magnet on us right now on the mound," Royals manager Trey Hillman said. "Hopefully, we can get that off of us."

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