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06/12/08 3:49 PM ET

Royals announcer flooded with calls

Incident with Rangers' Bradley brings plenty of attention

KANSAS CITY -- Broadcaster Ryan Lefebvre was talking to friends in the Royals' clubhouse Thursday morning when Mark Teahen sidled up behind him with an impish grin.

"I'm looking for Lefebvre," Teahen announced.

Everyone broke into laughter in the aftermath of an incident which was a serious matter just 12 hours earlier. Milton Bradley of the Texas Rangers had come to the press-box level at Kauffman Stadium looking for Lefebvre after Wednesday night's game.

Bradley's search went for naught, but the bizarre sight of uniformed player invading the press area caused plenty of commotion. He was found by Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and ushered back to the clubhouse.

The Rangers did not discipline Bradley. He was not in the lineup on Thursday afternoon.

Lefebvre spent the morning answering the phone after word of the incident spread.

"I have to go to the AT&T cell phone store and get a new vibrator for my phone because the other one blew out this morning," Lefebvre said.

The calls kept coming.

"Radio stations, friends that read about it in the newspaper, other broadcasters," he said. "The biggest thing I got from this is I learned what time everyone gets up and reads the paper."

Bradley, the designated hitter on Wednesday night, was in the clubhouse between at-bats when he heard some of Lefebvre's comments on the Royals' telecast.

"So I heard him. He never met me, so when the game was over, I wanted to introduce myself to him. Because it's amazing when you actually meet somebody how different they become," Bradley said. "So all I wanted to do was introduce myself to the guy."

Bradley got as far as the fourth-floor reception desk manned by security guard Bob Dustman, who had been alerted to Bradley's intention by downstairs personnel.

"He asked where Ryan Lefebvre was, that he wanted to meet him. I said he was still on the air," Dustman said.

"How long?" Bradley asked.

"I told him, 'I don't know,' and he left," Dustman said.

In a moment, Rangers manager Ron Washington popped out of the elevator looking for Bradley, who was by then returning to the clubhouse via the stairs.

Bradley has had a somewhat controversial past.

"The thing that's most disappointing is that it was a conversation about Josh Hamilton, and how he's turned his life around and how he's taken a negative situation and now can be a role model for other people because he's done the hard work to clean up his personal life and his professional life," Lefebvre said.

"I wish it'd been more about that and less about Milton Bradley but, because of the way the stars were aligned, it didn't work out that way. And he happened to strike out on his last at-bat and I don't really think I said anything that anybody else hasn't already said, but he heard it and it set him off."

Oddly enough, the Royals had made a trade for Bradley on June 22, 2007, with the Oakland A's for pitcher Leo Nunez. The deal was voided when the Royals learned that Bradley was injured.

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