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08/27/08 8:22 PM ET

GM Moore: Hosmer's contract valid

Terms with Draft selection submitted in 'a timely fashion'

KANSAS CITY -- Royals general manager Dayton Moore said he's "not concerned" about the validity of top Draft choice Eric Hosmer's contract with the club.

Hosmer, who signed for a $6 million bonus with the Royals, was included in a statement issued by the Pittsburgh Pirates in their dispute with agent Scott Boras over Draft choice Pedro Alvarez.

That reference also was included in a Players Association statement announcing that a grievance had been filed against the Commissioner's Office for extending the signing deadline.

The Pirates contend that Alvarez, a third baseman who was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2008 First-Year Player Draft in June, agreed to a $6 million bonus on Aug. 15. The club says that Boras and Alvarez want more and no contract has been signed. As a result, the Commissioner's Office has placed Alvarez on the restricted list. Hosmer was the No. 3 overall pick.

Pirates president Frank Coonelly stated that Boras is contending the Alvarez deal was consummated after the midnight ET deadline on Aug. 15.

Coonelly added: "In fact, the contract between the Kansas City Royals and Eric Hosmer, another Boras client, was submitted to the Office of the Commissioner after our contract with Pedro was submitted. Mr. Boras is apparently satisfied with the $6 million bonus that he secured for Mr. Hosmer and has not challenged the validity of that contract. Mr. Boras has been informed that if he pursues a claim that our contract with Pedro was not timely he puts Eric Hosmer's contract with Kansas City in jeopardy."

Moore said that the Royals followed the guidelines.

"You've just got to have an agreement by the deadline," Moore said. "We had an agreement by the deadline and the terms were submitted in a timely manner so I'm not uncomfortable with the situation."

Although the Players Association was reportedly in the process of preparing a grievance against the Pirates, the Royals said no grievance had been filed against them.

"I'm not familiar with Pittsburgh's situation," Moore said. "I did read the press release, and our team and our player was in that press release but I'm not concerned about it."

However, late Wednesday afternoon, the Players Association announced a grievance had been filed "challenging the unilateral decision of the Commissioner's Office to extend" the Aug. 15 deadline past midnight ET without consulting the Association.

"You've just got to have an agreement by the deadline. We had an agreement by the deadline and the terms were submitted in a timely manner so I'm not uncomfortable with the situation."
-- Royals GM Dayton Moore

The statement noted: "The grievance was not filed on behalf of any particular player."

The Association said the Commissioner's Office agreed to expedite the process so that a hearing could be held as early as Sept. 10.

Players Association general counsel Michael Weiner also said in the statement: "I have read the statement issued by Frank Coonelly, president of the Pittsburgh Pirates, regarding Alvarez. Frank's statement also refers to the contract between Hosmer and the Kansas City Royals. The Association, after further investigation and the processing of the grievance, will determine what relief it will seek from the arbitration panel, including whether it will seek relief related to agreements accepted by the Commissioner's Office after the collectively bargained signing deadline."

Hosmer reported to Kauffman Stadium for a news conference and a workout last Friday and is currently playing for the Royals' Rookie classification club at Idaho Falls.

"We agreed to terms at the appropriate time and the terms of the contract were submitted in a timely fashion," Moore said.

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