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08/29/08 8:50 PM ET

Olivo says he wants out of KC

Catcher dissatisfied by playing time with Royals

DETROIT -- This evidently is catcher Miguel Olivo's first and last season with the Royals.

Olivo is unhappy with his playing time, and he plans to be elsewhere next season.

"That's the thing -- I don't have any playing time this year, and I don't want to come back next year and do the same thing," Olivo said on Friday. "I have my career, and I want to move on."

Olivo has started just 42 games at catcher this season, compared to John Buck's 92 starts.

"I don't want to be the way I am this year. I want to go somewhere and play more," Olivo said.

His discontent with his limited role has been known for some time, but Olivo made the matter public in a Kansas City Star article on Friday.

"I wanted to get something off my chest because it bothered me a lot and I needed to say it," Olivo said.

In the Star article, Olivo was quoted as saying he thinks Royals manager Trey Hillman "doesn't like me sometimes" and that when he says anything to the coaches "nobody listens to me."

"I said he might not like me," Olivo said. "He didn't say it to me, but that's what it looked like."

Hillman defended his coaches as hard working and attentive to the players.

"My office door has been open all season long, on the road and at home," Hillman said. "I've had specific conversations with Miguel and explained some things to him, obviously not to his satisfaction. What's out there is out there. I really don't want to keep it going."

Olivo was not happy when, after signing a $2.15 million contract, he first reported to Spring Training and learned that Buck was considered the starting catcher. Olivo was under the impression he'd at least get to compete for the job.

Entering Friday night's game at Detroit, Olivo was batting .264 with 11 home runs and 36 RBIs in 70 games, including 21 as the designated hitter. He had thrown out 11 of 29 basestealers (38 percent), and pitchers had a 4.82 ERA when he was catching.

Buck was batting .224 with eight homers and 41 RBIs in 93 games. Buck had thrown out four of 51 runners (eight percent), and pitchers had a 4.63 ERA with him behind the plate.

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