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05/05/09 5:38 PM ET

Crisp holds chat with Royals faithful

Outfielder talks move to Kansas City, renovated Kauffman

Coco Crisp: Thanks for joining the chat today. Let's get started.

thesven55: What is your favorite moment of your career?

Crisp: Probably between two moments. Winning the World Series and the first time I found out I was getting called up to the big leagues. I would say winning the World Series might have been a little better than getting called up, but it's a close one.

labsorhors: Coco, welcome to the Royals, something you have probably heard a couple of hundred times, but welcome. Have you circled July 9th on your calendar or will that just be another game for you?

Crisp: It will just be another game for me. It will be nice to see some of the guys I played with last few years and say hi.

royalsway29: Hey Coco! I just love the way you play the game! You are a great addition to the Kansas City Royals. Just wanted to ask you a fun little question. How does it feel to play in front of the largest HD Scoreboard in America?

Crisp: Its a nice scoreboard, but almost too nice sometimes. You can see everything, including your big old head up on the scoreboard.

ryalsfreak: Welcome to the Royals! With Kaufman Stadium being as large as it is, have you made any changes to your approach to the plate in order to exploit your speed on the basepath?

Crisp: Not really, just trying to hit the ball and hope it drops. I try to stick with the same approach.

kstopper: Coco, when are you going to get some of the other guys on Twitter, specifically Teahen?

Crisp: Teahen is on twitter, except it's his dog. If you go on my twitter@coco_crisp and you see that I'm following a dog, that is him.

laroyalfan: Hey Coco! I'll be at the Angels game Saturday night with my wife and son rooting for you! How many cereal boxes are you asked to autograph??? Great start!

Crisp: When I first got called up in Cleveland, it seemed like ten a game. Now it is not as much but people now make funny hats out of them or signs which is pretty cool to see as well.

gerrette: Hi Co Dad & Mom we just love being your biggest fan how do you like Kansas

Crisp: Hi Mom Hi Dad I am enjoying Kansas CIty. Love you also and I will see you soon.

baybomber1: I understand you consider yourself quite good in fantasy football, what is the secret to your success?

Crisp: Make a lot of trades with people that don't know a lot about it.

shaggyd5: Coco, it has been great to finally get to see you guys on TV! I got to come to Opening Day and then to Texas. This year has already been very exciting and you could see by the crowd last night. What are your personal and latest team goals for this year

Crisp: The ultimate team goal is to win a World Series but I think we do a good job of taking it game by game and not really thinking about it on a day to day basis. Personally I just hope to do well and try to hustle out every ball that I hit whether I'm safe or out.

coco1984: Do you have your first hit and first homerun balls?

Crisp: Yes, I do have them. Actually, my father has them somewhere in the house.

kcfan11: Coco, have you had the KC BBQ yet, if so what is your favorite place.

Crisp: I have had Kansas City BBQ but I don't think I've had one of the famous places yet. So I will have to go try one of the better places out here. My favorite BBQ place is Phillips BBQ in California. I have yet to really taste KC BBQ.

kibby12: Coco, Welcome to the Royals! Just curious, Do you have any superstitions or crazy routines you have before each game?

Crisp: Not really. I have a lucky pair of jeans but they are not Lucky Brand, they are Old Navy and I've had them since 2004. Every time I wear them I seem to do well.

Royals09: Coco, why did you change your name from Covelli to Coco?

Crisp: I didn't change my name. It changed as a joke in double A by one of my teammates that saw a questionnaire that I filled out about a nickname that I had as a kid. Unfoftunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it, I was called up to the big leagues with the name Coco Crisp on the scoreboard. And now I'm Coco Crisp forever.

tstuck: what is the most memorable stolen base in your career and why?

Crisp: I would have to say one that involved a blooper reel in Minnesota and my hand got stuck in the ground. I ended up sliding on my face and my chest instead of normal slide, my feet ended up over my head but I was safe and was ok so it all worked out.

Royals09: Do you consider yourself a vocal leader or a guy that leads by example?

Crisp: I would say more by example.

royalranda: Hi Coco! How do you like being in KC? Do you feel the fans have welcomed you to town?

Crisp: I like Kansas City a lot. It's pretty with a lot of trees, we have a great stadium and fans as well.

tstuck: Whats your favorite professional football and basketball teams?

Crisp: I like the underdogs so I'm a Raider fan and a Clippers fan.

tallest: Coco, welcome to KC. I was at the game last night and it was the first time in years I felt the "buzz" that goes with a winning team. Just curious how the feeling in the clubhouse compares with your time in Boston.

Crisp: It is a completely different environment. There was chemistry in Boston but the chemistry here is different. It's a little calmer here with the media and the size of the city.

ejd1111: First of all, congrats on the strong start to the season. As a switch hitter, do you have a side you feel most comfortable at?

Crisp: It can vary. Sometimes one side feels better than the other or both sides feel good. Right now both of them feel pretty good. It just depends.

kibby12: You have played with some pretty good Pitchers in your career most notably in Boston with Curt Schilling..Is Zack Greinke the best you have ever seen?

Crisp: The start to this season is the best pitching performance for any pitcher that I have played with. I have played with a lot of good pitchers as you mention. I don't want to take away from CC Sabathia or Josh Beckett but Zack Greinke is arguably the best pitcher out there right now.

skusome: If there's one thing you wish Royals fan would do more to make Kauffman Stadium more intimidating for opponents, what would it be?

Crisp: Fill it up!

labsorhors: Having played in the ML for several different teams against the Royals, what Royals pitcher, past or present, was the toughest to face?

Crisp: Jason Grimsley was very tough. Hard fastball that sunk like a splitfinger.

erhawk8: If you could hit against any pitcher in history who would you choose and why?

Crisp: I wouldn't choose a really good one, that's for sure. To answer your question though, it would be nice to face Satchel Paige, that would have been pretty cool.

yayuh: hi coco! saw your tweets about the new addition to the family. how's the potty training going?

Crisp: She is actually a very smart dog. She is doing very well with the potty training, amazing with the family. Surprisingly, not very vocal and doesn't bark that much so we are very lucky.

nate100c: Coco, did you have a favorite athlete as a kid?

Crisp: My favorite athlete for boxing was Oscar De La Hoya, for basketball Magic Johnson, for baseball Ricky Henderson, hockey was Wayne Gretzky and football was Bo Jackson

nuc6: we all know your a great defensive center fielder, but what was your favorite position in high school?

Crisp: I got signed as a shortstop so I would say that would be the position. I got moved to the outfield in high A ball.

Royals09: Coco, if you were teaching a kid how to play baseball what would you teach first?

Crisp: I would teach them how to catch a ball, throwing is more automatic. How to catch a fly ball and a ground ball.

kcfox09: What's up Coco, Who do you think is the biggest rival to the Royals in the Central?

Crisp: Right now it would have to be the White Sox. That is a pretty good rivalary at the moment. It could be all the teams though since it is so close right now.

kcblazers: Coco, Did you know you wanted to play pro baseball in high school?

Crisp: I knew I wanted to play pro baseball in little league. Just didn't know too much about it at the time. I just thought you were signed and went to the big leagues. I soon found out that wasn't the case.

veggrrl: What do you think are the team's biggest strengths, and is there anything that you think needs to be worked on--for yourself, or w/ the team?

Crisp: I think our biggest strength is probably are pitching right now. Not taking away from the hitters, but I think the pitchers have done a fantasic job thus far. As with anything you can always work on all of it and improve on every aspect of the game as a team. For myself, it would be the same as with the team, always keep improving.

kibby12: Coco, If you were not a professional baseball player..What would you being doing or what would you like to do?

Crisp: I was thinking about going into computer animation for a little bit. I really just knew I wanted to play baseball, but I did dabble in animation for a little bit there. Maybe a professional boxer...

nate100c: Coco, when you aren't on the field playing baseball what are you doing?

Crisp: Hanging out with my family, sleeping, playing World of Warcraft, tweeting and whatever else comes in between.

Crisp: Thank you for all of your great questions so far. I have time for just a few more before getting ready for the game tonight.

Royals09: Coco, what was the feeling like in 07' when you won the World Series?

Crisp: It was bittersweet, I played all year and didn't play much during the WS so it was really the best moment of my life baseball-wise but of course it could have been better for me personally. The atmosphere was amazing though.

veggrrl: How much does the atmosphere of the stadium and the fans affect the players during the game?

Crisp: I think a great deal. When there are not any fans in the stadium, it is dismal. The fans definitely bring more excitement to the game. When it is a loud atmosphere you get into the game more and it makes it so much more intense for everyone.

skusome: Hey coco, which achievement would you rather have at the end of the season - to be 1st in AL for triples or 1st in AL for walks?

Crisp: I can't have both?

huskernemo: hey coco....whats your favorite part of the new Kauffman stadium

Crisp: I hear from the fans in the outfield seats now. Thats a little different than before.

kcblazers: Coco, how much time do you give yourself to prep for a game like tonight, as far as just getting loose and ready to compete.

Crisp: I get to the ball field fairly early. For a 7pm game, I will get to the field at 2pm and relax through BP. I may have some treatment before if needed prior to BP. Mentally it is just a gradual process to get prepared for the game. Physically, I start stretching 30 minutes prior to the game for my body to get ready.

Crisp: With that, time to start the prep for tonight's game. Thank you all for joining me today. Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the stadium!

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