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06/11/09 7:30 PM ET

Royals keep it in family with Kuntz pick

KC drafts first-base coach's son in 48th round

CLEVELAND -- Royals coaches Rusty Kuntz and Kevin Seitzer were hovering around a computer in the coaches' office in the visitors' clubhouse, checking out Thursday's First-Year Player Draft to see if Seitzer's stepson might be selected.

"We're just looking through the [Draft] Tracker and we're getting into the 46th round, 47th round and he still hasn't been drafted. And Seitzer looks over at me and he goes, 'Kevin Kuntz just got drafted in the 48th round.' And I'm going, 'Huh?' "

Seitzer's stepson was passed over, but not only was Kuntz's 19-year-old son selected, he was taken by his father's team, the Royals.

"Sure enough, his name popped up, and I had a little tear there," Kuntz said. "So that was pretty cool."

Kevin Kuntz, a switch-hitting shortstop, played for Union High School in Tulsa, Okla.

"He was all-Oklahoma as far as 6-A shortstops and probably the thing that made his mom the most proud is he was all-Oklahoma academically," Kuntz said. "He never got a 'B' in high school."

That family trait, Kuntz freely admitted, came from his wife, Salli, because his own high school report card was not so glowing.

"My English teacher made me come over and wash her windows and wash her car to give me a C-minus so baseball, because I had straight D's," Kuntz said with a merry laugh.

Rusty Kuntz played seven years in the Majors as an outfielder with the White Sox, Twins and Tigers, but his only child is already ahead of dad.

"I never was drafted out of high school, so that was one of his big goals," Kuntz said. "Now he's one up on me."

Kevin Kuntz has an academic scholarship to the University of Kansas, and there's no certainty that he'll go pro right now. As the 1,442nd pick in the Draft, he certainly hasn't retained a high-powered agent like Scott Boras.

"Kansas City asked me, 'Are we going to have to negotiate with Boras?'" Kuntz said. "I said, 'No, somebody tougher than that -- his mom.'"

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