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6/18/2014 7:38 P.M. ET

Gordon's catch saves potential tying run

Well-timed dive helps ensure Kansas City a 10th straight victory

DETROIT -- Alex Gordon demonstrated again in Wednesday's 2-1 victory over the Tigers why he has won three straight Gold Glove Awards as the Royals' left fielder.

In the Detroit fourth with Ian Kinsler on second base and two outs, J.D. Martinez hit a line drive into left-center. Kinsler headed for the plate, and Gordon headed for the ball.

"At first, I thought he hit it harder than he did," Gordon said. "My first step was back, but I made a good run in and battled the lights a little bit. I knew I had to make a dive for it, and it found the glove luckily. I'm not that fast, but I can turn it on when I want to."

Royals manager Ned Yost was holding his breath.

"That's a tough play," he said. "The ball was kind of diving and kind of slicing away from him a little bit. Gordy's tracking it and, man, I'm just hoping he gets there. ... That probably saved the game for us right there."

Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie was confident, but still...

"There was a lot of ground he made up at the end, and it was closer than I thought," Guthrie said. "He barely slipped the glove under the ball."

In the seventh inning, Gordon came close to catching a double off the wall by Nick Castellanos.

"We were playing him oppo, and I think he took a curveball and pulled it," Gordon said. "I probably should have made the catch, but I just didn't have enough time to judge where the wall was and the ball and just kind of got lost in no-man's land ... but we got out of the inning, so that was good."

Yost initially thought the drive was going to be a home run, which would have tied the score at 2-2.

"And I don't know where that rain was, but I was like, we can't let this game get tied up and get into a long delay and stay here all night," Yost said.

The rain was not far away. Shortly after the Royals finished it out to extend their win streak to 10 games, a gully washer soaked Comerica Park.

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