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8/16/2014 12:10 A.M. ET

Davis grace under pressure in Royals' bullpen

MINNEAPOLIS -- Funny thing, but the way Royals reliever Wade Davis sees it, sometimes it can help if you really don't give a rip if a run scores.

Take Thursday afternoon, when Davis came in for his customary eighth-inning role and the Royals had a four-run lead, 7-3, over the A's. After an out, a couple of guys got singles, but so what?

"You get in situations, especially in a game like that, I didn't care whether I gave up those runs or not," Davis said. "I wasn't trying to prevent those runs. I think that helps sometimes that you don't care. You always talk about not caring about things helps you a lot, so maybe that helps the nerves part."

Davis, although the league's top-scoring team was threatening, remained calm.

"I was just thinking, I give up a hit and so what? We'll get a couple popups or something," he said.

Taking over a three-run lead in Friday night's 6-5 win at Minnesota, Davis again coolly pitched around Joe Mauer's one-out double to run his string of consecutive scoreless innings to 19 2/3.

Dating to April 26, Davis has given up just one run in 43 innings for a 0.21 ERA.

"Don't get me wrong. Runs are going to happen," Davis said. "The bases have been loaded how many times already and I've gotten ground balls right to somebody. Double plays, it helps."

Or, Davis can do as he did against the A's, finish striking out the side -- the eighth time he's done that this year. In a total 53 1/3 innings in 51 games, he's piled up 81 strikeouts.

Davis seems to be a rather non-excitable sort. Is he caught up in the Royals' pennant fever yet?

"No, not really. We've got a long ways to go," Davis said. "The most important thing is the last two weeks of the season, I would imagine. If we're still in that by then, there's a good chance that we're not going to be 10 games up. That would be unbelievable. I don't believe the teams in second or third place right now are going to let that happen so it's going to be a grind. It's definitely not going to be easy, it's going to be hard as heck. We'll just have to keep grinding."

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