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It's a 9-inning party.
Come early for Happy Hour: $6 beers from all taps up to one hour before first pitch.

The hottest spot in town isn't in Belltown or Ballard. It's The 'Pen at Safeco Field, right next to the Mariners bullpen in centerfield. Gates open 2 1/2 hours before first pitch - a half hour earlier than the other ballpark gates. Enjoy tasty food choices from star chefs - including Ethan Stowell - all at great prices. The 'Pen is open to all ticket holders and the party's on for every home game.

The 'Pen - Safeco Field's newest attraction

The 'Pen, presented by ROOT SPORTS, is the result of a complete overhaul of the bullpen market in 2011. It is an "event within an event" with fans gathering before and during the game to enjoy the casual atmosphere and camaraderie. The area, located in left and center field adjacent to the home and visitor's bullpens, is a bright, open area with a fire pit, cocktail lounge, and destination concession stands with food concepts created by three nationally acclaimed chefs - Seattle's own Ethan Stowell, as well as chefs Roberto Santibañez and Bill Pustari.

Features of The 'Pen:

  • Gates open 2 ½ hours before the first pitch.
  • Un-obscured view of the playing field
  • A cozy fire pit at the entrance just inside the Center Field Gate
  • Caught Looking Lounge, a full service cocktail lounge
  • The Rail open air bar featuring local craft beers on tap and wine
  • Four destination concession stands:
    • Ethan Stowell's Hamburg + Frites and La Crêperie authentic Parisian crepes,
    • New Haven-style pizza at Apizza by Bill Pustari
    • Authentic Mexican Tortuga sandwiches at Edgar's Cantina
    • Tacos at the Home Run Porch, above the Cantina
  • Good Stuff Store, featuring Mariners merchandise for the whole family

Group Outings at The 'Pen

The Patio at The 'Pen is a vantage point your guests won't soon forget. Watch batting practice from just beyond the center field wall in a special pre-game hospitality area for groups of 40 or more.

Hamburg+Frites & Authentic Parisian Crêpes

Chef Stowell Seattle's own Ethan Stowell, a rising star in the food community, has created two food concepts for The 'Pen. Hamburg + Frites offers a mouth-watering, restaurant-quality burger: a six-and-a-half-ounce, Northwest Grass-Fed beef patty topped with Tillamook cheddar cheese. The frites are served with the skin on and accompanied by a classic garlic dipping sauce. Stowell's La Crêperie features authentic Parisian crêpes with sweet and savory fillings including natural, locally sourced products from Zoe's Meats, Beecher's Handmade Cheese, and seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Mexican Tortas

Chef Santibañez Chef Roberto Santibañez, a native of Mexico City and a graduate with honors from Paris's top culinary institutions, has created several authentic Mexican dishes for Safeco Field. Santibañez's Mexican style sandwiches, referred to in Mexico as tortugas, or turtles, due to the turtle shell-shaped bread, are made with succulent braised chicken, beef or pork. They, along with other creations such as hot dog nachos and his own fresh salsa and guacamole, will be served at the Tortugas Voladoras, or Flying Turtle Cantina.


Chef Pustari Bill Pustari, one of the specialists at New Haven-style pizza, is bringing his Apizza to Safeco Field. Apizza uses a custom designed gas oven manufactured by Wood Stone in Bellingham to perfectly cook thin crust pizzas. Pustari uses locally-sourced ingredients together with Grande Mozzarella and the same lot of San Marzano tomatoes used at his own Modern Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut.

The 'Pen's selection of pies features traditional cheese and tomato, pepperoni using Zoe's Meats local pepperoni, and a vegetarian white version topped with local, seasonal vegetables. Apizza also offers a classic Caesar salad created by Chef Ethan Stowell and topped with Stowell's own lemon-anchovy dressing and homemade croutons with Grand Central Bakery bread.