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All dates, times and teams are tentative and subject to change. All times MST. Please note, Arizona does not observe daylight saving time and does not spring forward on Sunday, March 13. Home games will be played at Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, AZ.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
March 1 CIN 1:05 p.m. 2CIN †1:05 p.m. 3CIN 1:05 p.m. 4CHW1:05 p.m. 5SF 1:05 p.m.
6MIL1:05 p.m. 7LAD1:05 p.m. 8SEA1:05 p.m. 9CHC1:05 p.m. 10SD1:05 p.m. 11COL 1:05 p.m. 12SD2:30 p.m. MT
13MIL1:05 p.m.
KC1:05 p.m.
14TEX1:05 p.m. 15TEX1:05 p.m. 16LAA1:05 p.m. 17CIN †1:05 p.m. 18OAK1:05 p.m. 19CHC7:05 p.m. PT
20SEA1:05 p.m. 21CHW 1:05 p.m. 22 23KC1:05 p.m. 24LAD7:05 p.m. PT 25ARI1:05 p.m. 26CIN †1:05 p.m.
27MIL1:05 p.m. 28OAK1:05 p.m. 29SEA6:05 p.m. PT
LAA12:05 p.m. PT
30LAD1:05 p.m. 31CIN 12:05 p.m. April 1TEX7:05 p.m. CT 2TEX1:05 p.m.

- Split Squad
† - Indians away game played at Goodyear Ballpark

All game times MST.